Thursday, June 01, 2017

Nth Curly to Dee Why walk

A walk to Dee Why, a smoothy & coffee and back again! 

Per normal, the big guy led the way - beautiful weather given we are two days out from winter.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Curl Curl YC

Our regular Saturday routine in winter usually involves an early start travelling around the peninsular to watch Luca play football (soccer) for the Curl Curl YC Cheetahs. Last weekend he played half the match in goal and had a great game - I don't think he enjoyed it though, he'd rather be out on the field rough housing with the other kids. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday, March 16, 2014

South Curly Nippers

Another season of Nippers has come and gone - it's all Luca at the moment, but from next year there will be a new Nipper in the ocean with Scouty set to join.

Luca receiving his awards
Luca had has final Nippers hit out of the summer this morning. A big, wild surf at Curly this morning meant all water activities were switched to the pool. Even in the pool waves were crashing over the sides. It was a fun morning.   

Luca's age group won the club trophy and he received a medal and certificate for his efforts this year - he barely missed a week this year, hot, rainy, big surf, no surf - we were there so Luca's awards were well deserved.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Scouty at 5

Our baby turns five!

She is the life of the party, looks up to her big brother and is very protective of him, loves dancing around the house, loves Madeline books and listening to the soundtrack from 'Frozen'. She will still choose pasta five nights a week if she had the choice (butter chicken on the other two) and still asks for lollies (candy) most mornings although she has never been successful with the request. She has more fun than an any person I know in our pool, especially if Luca is in there with her. She will soon start kindergarten and we know she will thrive there. 

No words can express how much we love her.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 - The second half

Not a good year for our blog! So taking it from July ...

The highlight without a doubt was our family vacation to Fiji. The time on the mainland was OK, the kids would argue very OK as they appreciate any stays in hotels that have multiple swimming pools. The majority of the holiday was spent on Castaway Island – absolutely brilliant – stunningly beautiful as close to what you dream a tropical island should look like as you get, lots of family activity, really good independent entertainment for the kids and surprisingly good food. The highlights were kayaking around the whole island (about 2.5 hours) with Kelly and Luca and a climb to the top of the island to see the stunning views. The lowlight – I tipped the kayak that Scout and I were riding in early in the holiday and she wouldn’t get on one again. Highly likely we will go back, also likely IF we get Scout on a kayak again it will be with Kelly.

sunset Castaway Island - Fiji

Luca and Scout have both been busy with school and sport. They have both come a long way with their swimming and especially their confidence in the ocean – Scouty is in there now diving under the big waves and Luca and Kelly have even started surfing. Luca finished his second season of football (soccer), Scout has been doing ballet and recently had her big end of year concert, and they both did a couple of tennis camps.  Hopefully next year I will be writing about how well Luca can play the guitar and that Scouty is riding her bike without training wheels – both of these initiatives are under way.  

Luca and mates at Luna Park for his birthday
Luca celebrated his 7th birthday with a trip to Luna Park (local amusement park under the Sydney Harbour Bridge) with a few of his mates and dinner at his favourite restaurant with the family. We battled a mini-tsunami to celebrate Kelly’s birthday at the sister restaurant to our favourite Sydney restaurant (and anniversary ‘spot’). With my sister Susie and her family (over from Perth) and my parents joining us at home,  Kelly put on a Mexican food extravaganza for my birthday. 

We held our annual Christmas eve party with about 40 guests – I say ‘we’ but really I am there to drink and talk and get a few bags of ice, Kelly busts her chops in the lead up and is definitely the hostess with mostess and leaves everybody marvelling at the food, presentation and chance to catch up or meet a few new people.

We watched Luca’s favourite rugby league team, the Sea Eagles,  make the grand final (like a Superbowl equivalent) and I tried my best to get him fired up while watching the game but to no avail – he is such a laid back kid! Unfortunately the Sea Eagles lost in a thriller. I however got very fired up mid day during work listening to the Red Sox win the world series (again!) while everyone around me had no idea what the commotion was about –  “Ohhh! baseball”.

Scout before her ballet concert
We revisted many of our favourite hikes around Sydney and found a few new ones and generally tried to go exploring the city as much as possible – often with a stop into our favourite Messina Gelato on the way home (even if it really isn’t on the way home).

We added a new raised bed in the garden at home – not ready for winter peas (but we did really well out of those in any case) – but ready for summer and the monster harvest of many mini tomato varieties as well as a few Roma’s, some beans and hopefully still zucchini’s and cucumber’s to come. The lowlight of the garden was that I lost the battle with the stink bugs for the orange tree – and I will only get five oranges off it this year.

So there it is, a quick catch up for 2013 and a promise to do slightly better with blog in 2014 – I guess sort of a new year’s resolution. All the best for 2014.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Scout is still loving ballet, she is enrolled again this term in a class and she is really enjoying herself.  The last class of the last term included a parents day where we were allowed to sit inside and observe the class (normally parents are not allowed in).  Scout still shows a super amount of enthusiasm and her skills are really improving.  Scout's new best friend from school, Isla, is also in the class.  The two of them seem to love dance! -kel